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We manage loans for various Trustee funded lending programs. To access your account details, please click on the name of the funding program for your loan:

Resimac (Perpetual Trustrees Company Ltd)

Interstar (Perpetual Trustees Victoria Limited)

AFIG (Permanent Custodians Limited)    





At last our new website has now launched. Choose from the menu above to navigate our products and services or to find out more about Mortgage Merchants Australia.                 



Mortgage Merchants Australia (known as MMA) is owned and managed by key individuals who together have a combined experience of over 75 years in lending and home loans.
We are a local company with an extensive knowledge of home loans and the market; dealing with MMA means you deal with full time directors who are professionals and have a passion to take care of you.  All our staff are committed to providing not just the best level of service to you, our customer, but also the best possible home loan options suited to the individual.

At MMA, we base our operation on efficiency, technology and commitment to service. We offer an extensive range of flexible and competitive financial products. Our staff are well-qualified, experienced and genuinely enjoy what we do – making it easy for us to offer the service you’d expect to enjoy from a company trading in a highly competitive market.

What is a mortgage manager?
A mortgage manager is responsible for arranging the funds for a loan. Mortgage managers also look after the ongoing prudent management of the loan through each phase of its existence - from credit assessment to the monitoring of loan repayments, insurance renewals, interest rate adjustments and loan variations.

Where do our funds come from?
At MMA we organise our funding for homebuyers and property investors from a variety of sources. We utilise a funding process known as securitisation - our loan pool is packaged into parcels and sold as bonds to investors. Ratings agencies such as Moody's and Standard and Poors' give the bonds that are issued in the Mortgage Merchants loan pool a AAA rating. In comparison, Australia's big four banks have AA+ to AA ratings.

How safe are our loans?
Every loan approved by MMA is overseen by a trustee (such as Perpetual Trustees OR Permanent Custodians) who is wholly and completely independent of the investor, the mortgage manager (MMA) and the bond issuer. The trustee holds all important mortgage documents in safe custody and delegates the day-to-day management of the mortgage to a mortgage manager.


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